27. Februar 2014


Counseling by ZDK Society Democratic Culture is sustainability oriented, problem oriented, and situational. Thereby influenced and influencing economic, social, political, cultural, and mental processes at the local level are taken into account in their interdependence and complexity.

It is responsive to critical situations, in which extremist interventions happen and the propagation efforts of extremist structures and ideas are underway. Thereby, the ZDK aims at scientifically identifying each respective situation’s key problems and developing strategic solutions. The ZDK constantly incorporates suggestions from science and practice in order to meet the requirements of respective new situations.

Education and Training

The Society Democratic Culture uses findings from its counseling work to provide information that helps make sense of the inner workings of radical development. Which ideologies and organizations create a sense of isolation and lead people to hatred, violence, and terror? What can be done to rule out such developments and usher in a new course for peace and well-being? Scientific knowledge as well as experience derived from our initiatives, such as EXIT-Germany and HAYAT-Germany, are also included.

The service is targeted at both families and institutions.


Coaching ZDK

In especially difficult situations in dealing with radical individuals and groups, coaching is an alternative recourse. Major areas of focus are to analyze the situation, to craft working plans for deradicalization, and to implement these strategically. Recognition, interpretation, and taking action form the basis. The coaching is flexible and holistic. The coaching is also discrete and follows the fundamental interests of the client.



The Centre for Democratic Culture collaborates with the ISRM. The Journal EXIT-Deutschland – Journal for De-radicalization and Democratic Culture – makes it possible to bring scientific and practical knowledge to the public. Regarding the journal and related events, there is extensive communication with other scientific institutions and projects as well as with the media and the public on a national and international level.