5. April 2017

HassHilft: Using your opponent’s strength against them

In 2015 the world was rocked by the image of three-year-old Syrian refugee Aylan Kurdi, face down on a Turkish beach. Intensifying the shock of the photo were widespread social media messages that mocked and revelled in the child’s death.

The sheer vileness of the comments incited a small group of activists in Germany to respond, and not by becoming paralysed with despair or roused to violent reaction (neither of which have ever proven effective against hatred). Instead these few keen minds thought outside the box long enough to generate specific– and effective– solutions to the festering of racism in their country. No strangers to the power of irony, they were ready to use humour as a weapon against human folly, much like the culture jamming Yes Men in the USA, but with a twist.

Hass Hilft

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